SAE Launches A/C Conformance Database

WARRENDALE, Pa., Feb. 2, 2012 

A new mobile air conditioning (MAC) conformance program designed by SAE International and guided by SAE International’s Interior Climate Control Standards Committee (ICCSC), will offer industry manufacturers, testing facilities and technical training providers a new registration method for certifying compliance with proper SAE International technical standards.

Mobile air conditioning equipment manufacturers, testing labs and technician training providers who wish to claim conformance to SAE Standards should consider participation in this program.

Supporting documents contained in the SAE MAC Database will be available to the public to verify claims of  SAE International “J” standard certification.  This will assure end users that MAC parts, components and training products meet the strict performance set forth by SAE International.

You can visit the new SAE MAC Database Website at:

Source: SAE International Press Release - Feb. 2, 2012